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The world’s longest wooden roller coaster is about to expand. The internet is ecstatic.

This year, the world’s longest wooden roller coaster will be extended by two feet.

The longest wooden roller coaster in the world is about to grow much longer. You read it correctly! The Beast, the world-famous wooden roller coaster at Kings Island in Ohio, is scheduled to shatter its own record this year, as it will be extended by two feet.

The roller coaster track will be extended from 7,359 to 7,361 feet in length. The amusement park also announced in a blog on their website that the initial drop would be steeper.

“Due to offseason retracking and reprofiling work, the renowned Beast roller coaster will break its own world record as the longest wooden roller coaster by two feet, from 7,359 feet to 7,361 feet,” states a tweet from Kings Island’s official account.

The coaster has retained the title of World’s Longest Wooden Roller Coaster since it was debuted in 1979.

“Roller coaster records are always being broken,” stated Mike Koontz, Vice President and General Manager of Kings Island. “However, there is one record that no park in the world has been able to break in for than 40 years, until today,” he continued.

Netizens are ecstatic and have shared their joy on Twitter. A Twitter user remarked, “I adore it, can’t wait to come to opening day.”

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