The Apple Watch strap, Aura Strap 2, allows you to track body fat and muscle mass.

The second-generation smart strap has a new subscription service and a smaller design.

Aura Devices has released a new version of its smart Apple Watch band that is supposed to provide metrics on your wrist similar to what you’d receive from walking on a pair of smart scales.

It employs bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to offer fat, muscle, and water balance data, much like the original Aura strap. Samsung used the same sensor technology in its Galaxy Watch 4 wristwatch to provide wrist-based metrics.

The data is linked to Aura’s companion phone app, where you should be able to get insights into your statistics, get suggestions, and tweak your objectives.

Aura has luckily simplified the process of obtaining those measures by making the strap 20% smaller and 5% thinner, which we are pleased to hear after being critical of the first generation strap’s size.

The way the strap links to Apple Watches Series 3 and later has been modified to help the device fit a bit smoother on the wrist.

According to reports, the new strap has a new architecture that can record 16 times more data points and claims an increase in accuracy, bringing it to 95 percent of a DEXA-scan. A bone density scan is the gold standard for BIA measurement.

Aura is also making the daring decision of providing an Aura Plus membership, which includes monthly fitness and nutrition reports, more data analysis, fitness content, and the option to conduct live conversations with personal trainers.

The Aura Strap 2 is now available in a single black colour for $149 on Aura’s website, and it will also be available at select shops.

A monthly membership costs $9.99, or an annual subscription costs $79.99, with Aura strap owners receiving a free six-month trial.

With the original Aura strap, we didn’t have the best of luck. It seemed cumbersome, and taking measurements required too many steps. The data presentation and quality looked hit-or-miss, and there were few relevant actionable insights.

While it seems like Aura has solved some of those issues with the new strap, going down the subscription path while the accuracy of its hardware is still being scrutinised seems ambitious. We’ve received the updated strap for testing, and we’re excited to see whether the enhancements make a difference.

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