Men’s loungewear fashion tips: Here’s how to dress up your sleepwear pyjamas for a night out.

Wear your pyjamas outside? Without a question, yes, certainly. Despite the fact that pyjamas are often associated with sleepwear, they are often a reflection of stylish modern shapes and are not simply for sleeping in. Here’s how to pull together a casual appearance for guys.

Men’s innerwear has undergone a noticeable fashion shift, with cotton night shirts, night-suits, hoodie jackets, half-sleeves, long-sleeves, sleeveless tops and t-shirts, sweatshirts, pyjamas, joggers, shorts, chinos, bermudas, boxers, pyjama pants, and other items appearing in a variety of designs, fabrics, Tank tops are no longer only for ladies; guys are wearing them as well, and they love it. Overall, men’s sleep-lounge clothing is only getting started.

The worldwide sleep-lounge wear market is expected to increase at a 9 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2024, although the pandemic’s overall influence on the industry is yet unknown. This is due to the fact that Covid-19 waves continue to occur, generating market disruptions. While pandemic disruptions halted manufacturing and disrupted supply chains, the period has also produced significant demand for sleep-lounge clothing with individuals confined at home.

For many years, the fashion landscape for men has changed, but most crucially, the significance of sleep-lounge wear for men has expanded, and men have developed a new emphasis on the kinds of fabric, styles, cuts, and colours they have in loungewear and sleepwear, to which the industry has reacted. Sleepwear and loungewear are more than just a piece of clothing to put on before hitting the bed or couch; they express a state of mind, and much of it has begun to become acceptable apparel in our communities.

Wear your pyjamas outside? Without a question, yes, certainly. Despite the fact that pyjamas are traditionally associated with sleepwear, they are often a reflection of current styles. Pyjamas are popular and versatile garments that some claim originated in South Asia and were later accepted as exotic loungewear by Europeans, while others claim that the British were responsible for popularising this regal garment throughout the world, claiming that pyjamas were first introduced in the West as ‘Mogul’s Breeches,’ but the original name proved to be more popular, being catchier and easier to pronounce.

Comfortable pyjamas have become a symbol of luxury and leisure, and a deeper examination of the pyjamas and nightshirt combo will reveal why they were so appealing to monarchs in the past. Pyjamas or PJs are one-piece or two-piece outfits that are usually made of silk or cotton blends. In the post-pandemic world, you are free to stay in your pyjamas or wear them out, as the pandemic has changed people’s attitudes toward fashion, and wearing a pyjama outside is just as normal as wearing sweatpants or joggers.

We’re not suggesting that you wear your jammies to an important occasion or function. It’s still a casual item of clothing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up for a quick trip to the shopping or a ride around town.

“Sleepwear has gone a long way with alternatives not simply confined to simple colours and normal sizes,” said Gaurav Pushkar, Co-Founder of DaMENSCH, in an interview with HT Lifestyle. Fusion designs have arisen in the sleep-loungewear divisions as a result of work-from-home. Pants and shirts have grown much more comfortable, designed for use on the couch and in bed rather than in corporate conference rooms. What we used to watch in the movies is being reinvented nowadays. Robes are slowly becoming trendy in India, this time for guys. What comes next? It’s possible that a kurta design may eventually become sleepwear.”

“The formal posturing has lessened and it has given way to greater display of warmth, individuality, choices, and character,” Gaurav Pushkar remarked, pointing out how males of younger generations have experienced a significant attitude shift. It may be seen in the shifting fashions of intimate clothing. From greys and whites to a VIBGYOR of colours, patterns, and prints; from straights to edge cuts, from regular cotton fabric to ultra-softs, the younger generation’s men are not afraid to show off the childlike, the cute, the nerdy, the classy and elite, or even the vibrant or feminine sides of their personalities – and they do so at home and outside.”

“Sleep-lounge clothing is quickly becoming a fashion statement for guys, and they are embracing it,” he said. Fashion has transformed men and men have changed fashion as men redefine manliness and masculinity from being a projection of power and seriousness to being kind and confident. Men’s sleepwear, in my opinion, has never been a taboo topic. Because it was buried under the mask of macho norms, it remained undisturbed. The men’s sleep-lounge wear market has really become that much more lively, colourful, engaging, and occurring now that the façade is gone.”

Priyanka Sagar, a fashion designer, has put up a simple advice for guys who want to enhance their PJ game:

  1. Workout Pyjamas – Start by experimenting with an athleisure look. Wear your pyjamas with a breathable polyester or cotton t-shirt for a more elegant morning run. During the cooler months, layer it with a sweater or hoodie. Combine your training wardrobe with a stylish pair of sneakers or running shoes, as well as a baseball hat.
  2. Tailored Pyjamas – When we think of pyjamas, we usually think of loose-fitting trousers in a range of widths and lengths. This does not rule out the idea of pairing a polo or half-sleeve shirt with a pair of tailored or fitting pyjamas. If you like to wear your pyjamas outdoors, a couple of pairs of fitting pyjamas is usually a good investment.
  3. Flannel Pyjamas – Pairs of flannel pyjamas are often worn together. However, patterned or printed pyjama bottoms may be worn with a solid-colored t-shirt, or basic black pyjamas can be worn with a colourful printed tee or checkered shirt. All you have to do is alter things up a bit to make this one of the greatest methods to style pyjamas.
  4. Stylish Pyjamas – Put on an enormous jacket and a basic accessory like aviator sunglasses, a dazzling watch, and a fedora hat, and you’ve got yourself a luxury outfit. On the formal side of things, a blazer is a fantastic way to seem instantly more put-together in most circumstances. You can quickly glam up your typical t-shirt and PJ mix with this easy touch.
  5. Button-Up Shirt Made Out Of Pyjamas – A pyjama top that is both casual and classy is a great alternative to a button-up shirt. It already has a tailored look thanks to the notch collar, which will work with a number of outfit combinations. Chinos, leather belts, and shoes will complement the sophisticated combination well.

The three key aspects to consider when styling men’s pyjamas are fit, fashion, and comfort, since all it takes is a little altering and layering to transform them into wearable ensembles that suit your personality.

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